Through effective innovation strategies and high-tech business processes, we are able to:

1. Research new alloys for use in compensators to increase their life cycles, reducing stiffness and weight, and delivering an innovative, streamlined, and eco-friendly product;
2. Study new assemblies never before realized, making the product more performant while ensuring greater movements along the three axes, demonstrating its reliability through software based on calculation models in line with the most stringent ejma, asme, and en standards;
3. Develop permanent ultrasonic monitoring systems that provide real-time status of the material and its degradation;
4. Develop new welding techniques that can ensure greater durability over time while respecting the highest environmental sustainability standards;
5. Develop welds suitable for temperatures even below cryogenic application in line with the most sophisticated medical research;
6. Design highly efficient and eco-sustainable plants through the use of software based on FEM analysis and stress analysis, minimizing the use of materials while meeting process requirements;
7. Analyze new technologies for the development of a new product or to enhance the functionalities of existing products;
8. Plan, technically coordinate, and execute R&D projects until real-world experimentation;
9. Develop new production machinery that allows for new creations never before conceived that are among the most innovative in the market, meeting the growing operational needs of new plants;
10. Test and perform pneumatic, hydrostatic, nitrogen, vacuum, and high-efficiency drilling inspections with entirely new methods that ensure minimal cost and applicability to any type of product.